Check out the Transmission Gallery interviews with Maija (Woof, Zack) Peeples-Bright: 

        Part 1: In part one, Maija talks about studying with William T. Wiley at UC Davis in the '60s.
        Part 2: Maija talks about Roy De Forest and Watch Anacondas
        Part 3: Maija talks about Robert Arneson and the legendary Candy Story Gallery
        Part 4: Maija talks about working as one of the few women in the California Funk Art Movement.   
        Part 5: Maija discusses her recent work: Heart Kisses and Mountains, magnificent, tremendous and lovely...

Also, stop in the office at Transmission to see more: Shawna Peterson just delivered a piece of Neon Art. Also in house, work by Livia Stein, Maija Peeples-Bright, Garry Knox Bennet, Mac Mechem, Joe Mariscal, Anthony Riggs, Jerry Ross Barrish, Kirk Crippens, Cate White, Pam Dixon and Edith Garcia.

Transmission Gallery promotes primarily regional and national figurative artists 
with an emphasis on Expressionism, California Funk and Socially Engaged Art.